Signaling Protocol Analyzer (V2.0)

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Signaling Protocol Analyzer (V2.0)

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Signaling Protocol Analyzer (V2.0)-RS71E

It features based on the advanced signaling protocol test platform with the feature of good scalability,Multiple options are available to meet to neeRS on different occasions,Intelligent protocol help: standard description of relevant detailed protocol can be obtained by double-click and etc.



Outstanding Characteristics
● Based on the advanced signaling protocol test platform with the feature of good scalability,
strong compatibility, high stability as well as low cost
● Multiple options are available to meet to neeRS on different occasions
● Intelligent protocol help: standard description of relevant detailed protocol can be obtained by
● Different Protocol stack can be loaded on every link, realizing multi-link and multi-protocol test
simultaneously, such as simultaneous test of No.7 signaling, No.1 signaling and V5 protocol
● Call Associated Analysis: Double-click certain statistical result, then popup the associated call
recorRS and signaling flow chart as well as protocol decoding
● Can track different protocols simultaneously for carrying out assorted test of multi-protocols
● It has not only pre-defined common statistical items, but also provides user-customized
advanced query statistics. It can almost realize any required statistical results
● Every protocol has a powerful operation analysis function such as CDR analysis, real-time
statistical analysis, and query statistical analysis

It is available to create analyses and set different filtration conditionssuch as TUP Business
analysis, including:
• Call Data RecorRS (CDR) Analysis, the logical calculation condition supported by filtration and search

• Real-time statistics: Time-Call Analysis, OPC-Call analysis, DPC-Call Analysis, PCM-Call
Analysis, Link Call-Call Analysis, CIC-Call Analysis, Caller Category - Call Analysis, Circuit
status Analysis, Time–Information Category Analysis
• Query StatisticsTime-Call Loss Analysis, Time–Call connection Rate Analysis,
Time-Establishment Of Cycle Analysis, Time–Clearance of cycle Analysis, Call Duration Analysis,
Signaling Point–Call Loss Analysis, Signaling Point–Call Connection, Signaling Point -
Establishment Of Cycle Analysis, Signaling Point– Clearance of Cycle Analysis, Signaling
Point–Call Duration, OPC-Call Loss Analysis, OPC-Call connection Rate Analysis,
OPC-Establishment Of Cycle Analysis, OPC-Clearance Of Cycle Analysis, OPC-Call Duration
Analysis, DPC-Call Loss Analysis, DPC-Call Completion Rate Analysis, DPC-Establishment Of
Cycle Analysis, DPC-Clearance Of Cycle Analysis, DPC-Analysis Of Call Duration, PCM-Call
Loss Analysis, connected PCM-Call Analysis Rate, PCM-Establishment of Cycle Analysis, PCM
–clearance Of Cycle, PCM-Call Duration Analysis, Total Call Loss Analysis, Advanced Query and

General Characteristics
• Operated in WINDOWS2000 environment with graphical user interface and switch between
Chinese and English
• Support 256 physical interface links and 256 signaling link test
CDMA MAP, WIN, CDMA A interface, V5.1 / V5.2 interface, RSS1, Abis, SS1 signaling, and
other signaling protocols
• With abundant and comprehensive test functions: Error code test of the transmission layer, link
load test, link performance test, news statistic analysis , detailed decoding of the protocol, business
analysis (transaction / call analysis) of every protocol, tracking test, trigger, filter etc. All functions
can be started simultaneously or separately
• Tracking conditions include calling and called numbers, IMSI, ESN, MIN, etc
• The protocol stack shall conform to the layer structure of the protocol so that users can freely
edit and create to meet the requirements of various tests
• Protocol decoding can be switched between English and Chinese, controlled by layers. Display
fielRS are set by users. Intelligent marking displays hexadecimal original codes. The complexity
and format are customized by users
• It has the capacity of analysis and display of double-filtration. Filtering conditions contain link
number, time, length, protocol stacks, message types, OPC, DPC, CIC, specific fielRS of the user numbers
• The results can be set up and down threshold respectively, Red shows as it exceeRS upper limit,
while yellow shows below the lower limit, The green shows as it is between the upper and lower limits
• The results of analysis provides powerful filter, search and sorting  function
• Test results can be printed, saved (in text and EXCEL format)
• Have local online, post analysis, remote monitoring and a variety of test results search modes,
tests results can be viewed by calling out or analyzed offline
• Adopt high-performance processor exclusive for communication, PCI bus technology and
support high-speed 2 M signaling link

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Additional Information

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