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PM fiber For Gyro and Sensors2

PM fiber For Gyro and Sensors2

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PM fiber For Gyro and Sensors-PM1016 PM1017

Polarization maintaining fiber (PMF) is specially designed for fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) and polarization sensitive components ,Polarization maintaining fused-fiber couplers,Polarization-based sensors,High bit rate transmission laser pigtails and High speed modulator pigtails .



Key Features and Advantages

lVery short beat length

lExtremely high birefringence

lExcellent polarization maintaining properties

lTight geometric tolerances

lLow attenuation

lLow bending-induced attenuation

lTight tolerance, dual-layer, UV-Acrylate coating

l High environmental stability and reliability

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU RAY-PM1016 PM1017-495
Part Number
PM1016 PM1017
lFiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs)
lPolarization maintaining fused-fiber couplers
lPolarization-sensitive components
lHigh bit rate transmission laser pigtails
lPolarization-based sensors
lHigh speed modulator pigtails
Country of Manufacture
Manufacture Rayscience
Conditions No
Lead Time 2 weeks
Export Terms No

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