LMA Combiner Working Station

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LMA Combiner Working Station

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LMA Combiner Working Station-SCS-4000-B

This station can make Nx1 or (N+1)x1 LMA combiner or Larger Core Size Fiber coupler. The available fiber is 105/125um, 200/220um, 400/440um, even bigger.



SCS-4000 FBT System is a custom-made tapering station which integrates the technology of optics, electronics, mechanics and computer. Except for making standard singlemode and multimode fiber components on this station, it can be improved to be PM fiber coupler station, LMA fiber combiner station, SM/MM fiber tapering station.

This tapering system is widely used fiber laser developing, fiber sensor and biomedical and Micro-Laser Research and Telecommunication.


Technical Specifications ( For Standard Tapering System)

Main frame

Drawing precision: 0.2μm

Drawing speed: 0.2—10000μm/s

Drawing distance(max): 50mm

Holding fiber diameter φ0.1—0.5mm( / / o r X f i b e r placed)

Dimensions: 706mm×550mm×354mm


Heating Unit

Torch scanning range 0-20mm

Moving Speed 0-4 mm/s

Gas used Hydrogen ( or Oxygen)

Hydrogen flowing 0-500SCCM

Oxygen flowing 0-200SCCM


Optics Unit

Detector : InGaAs: 1100- 1 700nm

Optional : Si : 400-1000nm, Ge:1000-1800nm

Laser Source ( Optional ) : 1310/1550nm benchtop laser source (1mW)

Or 633nm HE-NE laser source, 2mW


Package Unit

Package Temperature : 0~130℃

Package Mode: Once packing

Power supply

Working voltage 220V

Working current 6A


Specification For Fused Components(Approval)

NxM LMA MM fiber combiner


Fiber core: 50um, 100um, 200um, 400um, 600um….

Fiber N.A: 0.11, 0.22, 0.37, 0.48

Handling power: W level


Additional Information

Additional Information

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