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Laser Diode Characteristics Testing System

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Laser Diode Characteristics Testing System

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Laser Diode Characteristics Testing System-LDTs

With the development of optoelectronic technology, laser diode has been one of the most important components. The Improvement of laser diode performance directly effect on the developing of optoelectronic technologies, and it highly depends on an advanced testing & analyzing system. Meeting the market demand, LD Characteristics Testing System designed by us is a high performance, cost effective testing and analyzing system for laser diode characteristics.



Continuous Test: High efficiency by testing a Laser Diode while installing another one to realize continuous work

High quality driver: With excellent constant current, protection circuit, low noise,no overshoot pulse and electrical surge.

Microcomputer Control

Accurate Data Collection: Quickly and accurately collect large amount of data, such as Vo, Io, Po, MI etc.

Powerful data processing: Calculate Threshold Current (Ith), Power Efficiency (Ep), Slope Efficiency (Es), Differential Resistance (Rd) and Spectral Width (Δλ) according to collected data.

Graphic User Interface (GUI): Excellent Human-Computer Interaction Interface, easy operation, and clear chart showing testing data

Multifunctional sample rack: With various fixtures to test laser diodes with different packages

Darkroom:The System provides darkroom for testing LD and enhances the veracity of test.


Available Testing Parameters


Io Operating Current

Po Output Optical Power

Vo Operating Voltage

MI Monitor Current

Ith Threshold Current

Es Slope Efficiency

Ep Power Efficiency

Rd Differential Resistance

λ Peak Wavelength

Δλ Spectral W

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Fiber Optic Sensor, Fiber Optic Communication (FTTH)
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Manufacture Rayscience
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