Automatic Fiber Coil Winding Station2

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Automatic Fiber Coil Winding Station2

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Automatic Fiber Coil Winding Station-ACWS-230

It is used for making fiber coil with fiber coil outer diameter≤200mm, Fiber outer diameter ≤0.8mm, total fiber length≤5KM and its winding method is Quadrupolar or CW flat-wise.





A comprehensive fully automatic winding station is required to precisely wind optical fiber to manufacture IFOG coils for tactical & strategic grades .In order to improve this working yield, ACWS-230D is developed which winding machine and unwinding machine is separate. The machine is for making coil outer diameter ≤200mm and fiber coating diameter ≤0.5mm, and the total fiber winding length is ≤5km. The fiber coil is winding by the method of QUADRUPOLAR PATTER or continuously straight winding fiber coil .








  1. 1.      The machine enable product spool automatically winding and displacement. Both ends of fiber can be swapped freely.

  2. 2.      Custom-made winding process, including fiber coater diameter, master spool winding slot width and product spool slot width and required tension and etc.

  3. 3.      Fiber coating diameter programmable precision: 0.001mm

  4. 4.      Master spool winding slot width and product spool slot width programmable precision: 0.001mm

  5. 5.      Splitting axis precision: 0.01mm

  6. 6.      Splitting axis repeatability position precision: 0.003mm

  7. 7.      Adjust fiber tension level within resolution of ±2g ; rather stable in the support of closed-loop tension controller.

  8. 8.      Fiber total length programmable precision: 0.1m ( resolution of ± 0.3%)

  9. 9.      While in winding, the fiber on master spool will be discharged automatically

  10. 10.  2 unwinding functions available , one is stopping to unwinding during winding of the fiber ; the other is to unwinding for the whole layer

  11. 11.   Automatically collecting this fiber during un-winding the fiber

  12. 12.   Locate this zero-point for this main axis and splitting axis    

13. Optional: Vision system are built for inspecting this whole winding process

(Just for inspecting, not for controlling the progress connected with winding machine)


Optional: Epoxy delivery system + Ultraviolet heating lamp including stage and holder+ Fiber Bow( a pair)




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