Air-Cooled Argon Ion Laser

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Air-Cooled Argon Ion Laser

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Air-Cooled Argon Ion Laser-5500A

The 5500 contains a field proven off the shelf ILT plasma tube designed to operate in TEMoo mode and provide a polarized output beam. This model has a standard 300mW multiline output with light control feedback regulation or may be equipped with ILT’s optional littrow prism. This option will allow this end user to tune the laser from 457nm to 514nm and will guarantee 100% spectral purity.




300mW multiline output

TEM00/Polarized Beam

Rugged Metal/Ceramic Plasma Tube

Enlarged Gas Reservoir for extended tube life

Thermostat controlled Air cooling

Hand off operation

Excellent power and pointing stability

CDRH certificated

4 Invar Rod Resonator

Switching regulator Isolated power supply

Light feedback regulation

Remote interface –control via host system


Optional features:

Tuneable / Singleline -Littrow Prism 457nm to 514nm

Remote control—RPC-50

Remote Air cooling

WC compatible



Technical Specifications

Output Specifications

Multiline   300mW (all lines)


Singleline  457.9nm    465.8nm  476nm    488nm    496.5nm    501nm   514nm

Tuneable   15mW     10mW     30mW   100mW     25mW     15mW    100mW



Performance Specifications:

Beam Diameter 1/e2               82mm

Beam Divergence                      78mrad

Full angle   

Polarization                        >100:1

E-Vector Vertical

A.R spot                              <25%

Transverse Mode                      TEMoo

Higher order modes available on multiline models with output powers up to 60W

Warm-up time (cold start)  

Multiline models                       < 5 mins

Littrow Prism models                   <15 mins

From standby                         Immediate

Beam Amplitude noise

DC to 2MHZ                          <1% RMS

Long term power stability

2 hours at constant ambient conditions       1%


Electrical Specifications:

Voltage                               220VAC±10%

Current                                20Amp

Frequency                              60Hz

Optional                                47-63Hz

Phase                                  Single

Power Supply                            30Khz

Switching Frequency


Shipping Specifications:

Power Supply Weight                      20lbs  

Shipping Weight                           23lbs

Laser head Weight                         20lbs

Shipping Weight                           31lbs


Ordering information:: 

Model No



Multiline output: 300mW-TEM00 ( Rated max output: 500mW), Equipped with 5405A  switching power supply


Multiline output: 500mW-TEM00 ( Rated max output: 650mW), Equipped with 5405A  switching power supply


Singleline output: 100mW-TEM00 ( Rated max output: 150mW), 488/514nm adjustable wavelength ,Equipped with 5405A  switching power supply


Multiline output: 300mW-TEM00/ Singleline output: 100mW-TEM00, exchangeable between Multiline and Singleline , Equipped with 5405A switching power supply


Singleline output: 100mW at 488nm-TEM00 ( Rated max output: 150mW), Equipped with 5405A switching power supply


Singleline output: 100mW at  514nm-TEM00 ( Rated max output: 150mW), Equipped with 5405A switching power supply


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU RAY-5500A-476
Part Number
Fiber Optic Sensor, Fiber Optic Communication (FTTH)
Country of Manufacture
Manufacture Rayscience
Conditions No
Lead Time 2 weeks
Export Terms No

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