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850nm SLED Module, 8 pins DIP modules

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850nm SLED Module, 8 pins DIP modules

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850nm SLED Module, 8 pins DIP modules-SLED850-8 pins

850nm SLED is with output power higher than 100uW, and its Spectral half width is more than 20nm.



Features and application

The modules consists of superluminescence diodes (SLD) die、cooler, thermistor, single mode fiber. Temperature automatic control is achieved with external circuit.

 The superluminescence diodes modules feature good output power stability, low temperature dependence, which is an ideal light source for medium and low accuracy, low cost fiber optic gyroscopes.


Operating principles

The device is PN junction electroluminescence device by forward bias. Electron of invert distribution in active region from conduction band transit to valence band at forward current is injected, and release out photon after with hole compound. When light is transmitted in given cavity and light gain is obtained, thereby amplified spontaneous radiation light is achieved.


Specifications and characteristics(TA=25℃)


Peak wavelength


Spectral half width (FWHM)


Output power


Cooler operating current


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Additional Information

Additional Information

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RAY- SLED850-8 pins-115
Fiber optic communication
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