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1480/1550 WDM/Isolator Hybrid

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1480/1550 WDM/Isolator Hybrid

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1480/1550 WDM/Isolator Hybrid-WDIH

It is a combination of a 1480/1550 nm Filter and a 1550 nm polarization insensitive optical isolator. Its signal operation wavelength ranges at 1528~1564nm and 1570~1605 , its pump channel wavelength range from 965 to 1000nm. Its isolation is 31dB more at single-stage and 45dB more at dual-stage.



Wide Operating Wavelength Range

Low Insertion Loss

High Channel Isolation

Ultra Low PDL & PMD

High Stability and Reliability

Epoxy Free Optical Path


Rayscience’WDIH is a combination of a 1480/1550 nm Filter and a 1550 nm polarization insensitive optical isolator. The WDIH is a low cost model with excellent performance including low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss, low polarization dependent loss (PDL), and low polarization mode dispersion (PMD). This product offers integrated solution to EDFA application by combining more functions into a very compact package. All Rayscience’ products are Telcordia qualification tested.


Performance Specifications


Single Stage

Dual Stage

Signal Operation Wavelength Range (nm)

C band


L band


Pump Channel Wavelength Range(nm)


Isolation (dB) ( @23°C, all SOP)



Wavelength Isolation (dB) (1 to 3 @ l signal)


Wavelength Isolation (dB) (1 to 2 or 2 to 1 @ l pump)


Insertion Loss (over wavelength range and 0 to +70°C, all SOP) (dB)

Pump Channel


Signal Channel



Temperature Dependent Loss (dB)



Wavelength Dependent Loss (dB)



Return Loss (Min.) (dB)


Derectivity (dB)


PDL (dB)



PMD (ps) (Low PMD Option)



Power Handling (mW)


Operating Temperature (°C)

0 ~ +70

Storage Temperature (°C)

-40 ~ +85

Package Dimension (mm)

Ø 5.5 x L38

Fiber Type

Corning HI 1060 at common/pump port

Corning SMF-28 fiber at signal/tap port

Values are referenced without connector loss; Specifications may change without noti

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Additional Information

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